“Live the light” is Alsamendi’s Spring Summer 2016 collection, inspired by the richness of colors of sunrise – the intensity of dark colors before they fade, and the strength of emerging colors when sunshine touches the sky. This collection was made in Alsamendi’s Atelier in Zurich where he used only finest materials such as silk, wool and cotton from St. Gallen – a truly delightful wearing experience!

Look C.1. In this beautiful dress, she is ready to say “Yes” in the City Hall
LOOK C.4.1 Civil Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses Atelier Zürich Summer Dresses Cocktail Dress Look simply chic on the city hall steps in one of these outfits DRESS

← LOOK C.5 Silk Plisse Maxi Skirt – Gold Crop Top

LOOK C.6.1 Cocktail Dress Gold Silk Atelier Zürich 8005 LOOK C.7 Indigo Jeans Jacket Eco Washed

←LOOK C.2.1 Silk Dress – Wool Jacket Boutique Atelier Zürich



“Corrientes” collection is inspired by the currents existing in our lives, that constantly move us, like currents in the ocean. The collection was shot in Uruguay and is a tribute to Alsamendi’s birth place

LOOK C.7 Cocktail-dress Evening Dresses - Shopping in Zurich

“Corrientes” collection is inspired by the currents in our lives, that constantly move us, just as currents in the ocean and the wind.

LOOL C.9.1 Summer Dress, Cocktail Dress, Simply Dresses for wedding guest dresses, Fresh dress, Zurich Kreis 5, Im Viadukt.



“Kaffeeklatsch” collection is vibrant, dynamic and fresh – just like a female friendship.This collection shows women at ease and always stylish. The dresses and coats – made in Zurich of course – are substantial items on our personal must-have list for get-together coffees and Ladie’s nights. You can dance all night in Alsamendi’s cocktail dress made out of cotton or enjoy tea and cake in a stylish but warm merino wool coat.

LOOK C.10 Atelier Zürich Design Inspiration Alsamendi shopping in zurich Kreis 5 fashion designer Zürich Boutique Alsamendi

←LOOK C.11 Jersey Dress Atelier Zürich

evening dresses designer clothes Zurich shopping in zurich tailor made dresses fashion designer Boutique Alsamendi Shop Zurich
LOOK C.16 Im Viadukt Red Jacket Wool Atelier Zurich Boutique Zürich Alsamendi Designer Clothes Design Inspiration shopping in zurich fashion shop

“Kaffeeklatsch” collection is vibrant and dynamic – just like a friendship. This collection shows women at ease and always stylish. Our musthaves!



“Loving Born BCN” is devoted to Barcelona – the enchanting seaside city with boundless culture and place of origin of the Alsamendi brand. Dresses as beautiful as the city itself. This collection is all about Spanish temper mixed with Swiss premium tailoring and embroidery from St. Gallen, fused together in our Boutique in Zurich

LOOK C.24 Barcelona in Zürich Atelier Mode Designer Fashion Dresses Dresses Zurich Cocktail Dress tailor made dresses Civil Wedding Dresses Etui Dress
LOOK C.28 Shopping in Zurich Kreis 5 Atelier Zurich Fashion Designer Wedding Dresses Pary Dress Summer Dresses Designer Clothes Beatiful Dress Evening Dresses Tailor made Dresses



The “Flower Power” collection is a modern interpretation of the past flowery days in Woodstock – the Flower Power movement continues blossoming in these Alsamendi dresses. The dresses were sawn in the Alsamendi Atelier in Zurich using gorgeous Swiss fabrics.

LOOK C.29 Doots Dress Tailor made Dresses Swiss Fashion Design Shopping in Zurich Fashion Designer Civil Wedding Dresses Etui Dress Kreis 5 8005

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