LOOK 1 Evening Dresses Cocktail Dress Boutique Atelier Alsamendi Zürich Tailor made Dresses Swiss Fashion Design Dramatic Stylish Waistline V-neck

LOOK 1.1

A floor length gown that has a figure flattering silhouette and an interesting neck and back décolleté.

LOOK 1.1 Long Green Dress V-neck


Alsamendi designs are timelessly stylish. We aim to craft versatile pieces that fluidly transition between day and night.

LOOK 1.2 Long Green Dress V-neck
LOOK 2 Atelier Zürich Yellow Cocktail Dress Shopping in Zurich Tailor made Dresses Beatiful Dress Fashion Zurich Stylish Waistline
LOOK 2.2 Yellow Cocktail Dress Zürich
LOOK 2.2 Contemporary Cocktail Dress

Aside from the welcoming and personal atmosphere, we provide what is hard to find elsewhere these days: an expert adjusting handcrafted designs to perfectly fit your body in our very own atelier. If your have a special wish, we can always make a tailor made design for you.

LOOK 3 Wedding Dress Fashion Designer atelier Zürich Lace Swiss Civil Wedding Dresses
 LOOK 3.1 Wedding Dress Fashion Designer atelier Zürich Lace Swiss Civil Wedding Dresses Sommer Dress

We believe that unique, aesthetic and high quality clothing can only be created through immense passion and creativity.

LOOK 4 Silk Plisse Maxi Skirt – Gold Crop Top
LOOK 5 Blouse Silk Print Design Atelier Zürich
LOOK 6 Mustard Skirt Silk Blouse Timeless Atelier Boutique Alsamendi
LOOK 7 Silk Blouse & Mine Skirt Brocade Atelier Boutique Zürich
LOOK 8 Summer Dietrich Trousers Fashion Zurich
LOOK 9 Beautiful Summer Dress Cocktail Dress Civil Wedding Dresses Atelier Zurich
LOOK 10 A Line Dress Wool Mohair Green & Black Made in Zurich
LOOK 11 Blue Sky Dress Cocktail Dress Atelier Zürich
LOOK 11.1 Blue Sky Summer Dress Design Zürich Atelier Alsamendi
LOOK 11.2 Blue Sky Dress Cocktail Stylish Swiss Fashion Design Tailor made Dresses Cocktail Dress Elegance
LOOK 12 Business Dress Zürich
LOOK 14 Beautiful Jacket Brocade Boutique Alsamendi
LOOK 15 Etuie Dress Brocade