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Love on the Snow COPENHAGEN Bodysuit

198,00 CHF incl. MWST

A slim-fit envelope bodysuit, with an extra layer of elastic merino wool on the front and a large sexy looking neckline. A fully covered back and long sleeves make it a perfect choice for a very cold winter day undies, or a great first (and only) layer, on an autumn evening.

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Second-skin fitted merino-jersey bodysuit with tlong sleeves with V-Neckline.

* Charlotte Parriand – one of the most influential designers of the modernist era, collaborator of the famous Le Corbousier. She valued functionality above all else, and created with the attitude that better designs help create a better society. Contrary to popular belief, she, not Corbousier, is the author of the design icon, the famous LC4 rocking chaise longue.

Why the merino wool doesn’t itch?
The merino fleece gives the most elegant and soft yarn, which produces a wool variety called ultrafine merino. A single filament is less than 18,5 microns in diameter – it’s thinner and more flexible than a human hair, measuring from 60 to 120 microns. It feels like silk on the skin, is extremely resistant to pilling and makes a great base material for the lingerie.

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